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Premium Carpet - Quite Possibly The Worlds Finest Carpeting

  The Floor Authority Flooring Information Source offers information on a wide selection of carpet from some of the finest names in carpeting created to match any room decor and could very well be the finest carpet in the world.

Custom Color Options

As you become familiar with Fabrica carpet, one of the first things you might notice is that Fabrica offers an incredible array of products.

In addition, with individual product color palettes that have as many as one hundred and twelve different colors. Fabrica carpet comes in nearly 3,100 different "Standard" product/color combinations!

Fabrica carpeting is well known for custom color capabilities. For little or no additional cost per yard (depending on yardage ordered, overages do apply), Fabrica carpet can custom color any of their nylon carpet products, making the product/color combinations available from us virtually limitless.

Typically, Fabrica will custom color carpet in one of two ways;

Dyeing to Match Another Fabrica Carpet Product

Often a consumer will fall in love with a particular carpet product, but even with the vast individual product color palettes Fabrica typically offers, a customer may prefer a color from another Fabrica product. With Fabrica's understanding of the various yarns and fibers they use, Fabrica excels in this "Dye to match" arena.

Dyeing Carpet To Match a Design Element

This is another area in which Fabrica carpet excels. With their state-of-the-art computer color matching technology, paired with skilled technicians with years of color match experience, Fabrica can dye carpet to match nearly anything you can imagine. From something as traditional as paint chips, wallpaper and furniture to some of the more creative items they have been asked to match such as tile flooring or a favorite tie.






"What you should look for, what you should know."


Fabrica products are made with either Premium, Advanced Generation, Natural Luster, Nylon 6,6 (the most resilient, color-fast, and durable nylon fiber), or the purest of Wools, from New Zealand or other high quality sources.



The Greater the twist, the greater the carpet performance and durability. Fabrica carpet utilizes yarns with far greater twist levels than the industry average.




The amount of tufts per square inch (determined by the stitch rate and machine gauge) plays an important role in creating a beautiful appearance and maintaining pile resiliency. All Fabrica carpet is tightly stitched (many on dense, commercial-gauge equipment) to ensure long-term durability and appearance retention.



Avoiding high-speed, production-driven processes, Fabrica carpets spend hours in deep-dye immersion. This helps ensure superior color fastness, and color uniformity.




The densely-woven synthetic back, combined with pure Latex creates the finest backing system in the industry. Accordingly, Fabrica carpet seams and installs well and will not stretch or wrinkle after being properly installed.



Like the hand-rubbed finish on fine furniture, several passes through a multi-head shearer gives Fabrica carpet its refined, costly finish.




All Fabrica products employ state-of-the-art soil and stain resistant technology and are tested, certified and warranted accordingly



Carpet & Carpeting
Fabrica Carpet & Carpeting

 Fabrica manufactures carpets and rugs for the most demanding segments of the high-end style residential market.

Fabrica makes distinctive broadloom carpet, custom area rugs and hand-tufted rugs have earned Fabrica an international reputation for exquisite style and exceptional performance.

At Fabrica, their passion is to be “Best in Class” – blending exquisite style and uncompromising performance in every carpet and rug they produce. 

            The Floor Authority Flooring Information Source suggests you find a local dealer or installer who can help you in the process of choosing the perfect carpeting to meet your needs and help you choose the designs that are right for you. 

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