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Berry Laminate Flooring

 Berry laminate flooring information. Berry laminate flooring is considered by many to be some of the finest laminate flooring in the world. Contact Us If You Are A Licensed Dealer That Would Like Your Business Listed.

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Berry Floor Herringbone installation combines two specific boards, which have identical surfaces but different cross profiles. Equipped with the BerryLOC ® patented glueless installation system, they allow you to create this magnificent pattern in the most convenient way, by simply clipping them together. Distinguished by angling boards, the herringbone installation combines tradition and timeless character. 

Ship deck layout
Combining boards of identical dimension laid in the same direction, of identical or varying lengths, the ship deck layout provides a remarkable ability to combine both classic and modern. Drawing its inspiration from the expertise of marquetry craftsmen of old, Berry Floor Château today reinvents this technique in the most resourceful way. What is more, Berry Floor Château deliberately created long boards in order to facilitate installation and intensify the visual effect of the flooring.

Most if not all Berry Laminate Floors Have Some If Not All Of The Following Features:

Berryloc®, the patented glueless installation system enabling the simplest installation of Château, Residence, Hacienda, Regency, Cottage, Loft Select, Loft Project and Tiles laminate wood floor coverings.
Woodstructure®, the system giving the texture of real wood to laminate wood flooring families. 

Woodstructure+®, even more advanced, this system creates a relief on each board that follows the wood grain to perfection.

SoundAbsorb®, the system allowing significant absorption of sounds that echo in the room itself and sounds that originate in the room below.

Handscraped, Top-quality laminate that is 0.762" (3 mm) to 1.016" (4 mm) thicker than regular laminate. Extra strong, extra thick, mega durable. 

Micro WoodView4®, The laminate boards are slightly beveled off on all four sides. Thanks to these subtle V-grooves, in the same color as the boards, the hardwood look of your laminate floor becomes even more realistic. 

See all its advantages in the data sheet (composition, class and guarantee).

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